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ABOUT THIS SITEThe Mu'tazilah arose in the beginning of the second century hijrah and carried the innovations of the Khawaarij (takfir and khurooj), the Qadariyyah (denial of Allah's mashee'ah and khalq for the actions of the servants), and the Jahmiyyah (denial of the attributes of Allaah). The latter innovation was carried by the Mu'tazilah upon Greek philosophical conceptual baggage (known as ilm al-kalam). This ilm al-kalaam was subsequently transmitted from the Mu'tazilah to the Muslim Ummah through the route of the Rafidi Mujassimah, the Ash'arites and the Maturidis. The Mu'tazilah and all the factions of kalam operate on the premise of conflict between reason and revelation and therefore attempt to qualify revelation through pure reason (without resort to the Sunnah or consensus of the Salaf). The reliance upon pure reason alone led the Mu'tazilah to reject many foundations of Islam and the Sunnah as well as committing transgression upon the Muslim nation including the murder of thousands of illustrious Scholars in the 3rd century hijrah. This website is aimed at covering the history and development of the Mu'tazilah sect, analysis of their core doctrines and tracing their through to modern times.

Contradictions of the Mu'tazilah: Creation of the Qur'an and Creation of Man's Actions
In his amazing and monumental explanation of Imaam al-Aajurree's "al-Sharee'ah", Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhali, writes, when disscussing the issues of Allaah's qadar and kalaam (1/385): And the Mu'tazilah - may Allaah disfigure them - use His saying as proof: (اللَّهُ ... Read more »

Neo-Mu'tazili Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Markazi Jamiat-E-Ahle Hadees Hind
The "Markazi Jamiat-E-Ahle Hadees" is an organization upon a mish-mash of confusion, remote from the clarity and distinction found in the usool of Sunnah and Salafiyyah. This is plainly evident when one looks at the writings, lectures and speeches of their contemporary figureheads, especially in ... Read more »

Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee: The Mu'tazilah Are Present Today (the Shi'ah, Ibaadiyyah)
The Shaykh (rahimahullaah) said: Translation: Perhaps a person may ask: Do the Mu'tazilah exist (today)? For we always mention the thought (fikr) of the Mu'tazilah, and it is, as they say, that we are "always carving ... Read more »

A Broad Outline of the Mu'tazilah Sect
The label "Mu'tazilah" refers to a sect which arose in the early second century hijrah, towards the end of Umayyad dynasty, at the hand of Waasil bin Ataa and 'Amr bin Ubayd. This sect made reliance upon reason and tooko a purely intellectual approach in studying and corroborating matters of creed ... Read more »

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