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Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee: The Mu'tazilah Are Present Today (the Shi'ah, Ibaadiyyah)
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in General
Topics: Shi'ah Raafidah Ibaadiyyah

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The Shaykh (rahimahullaah) said:


Perhaps a person may ask: Do the Mu'tazilah exist (today)? For we always mention the thought (fikr) of the Mu'tazilah, and it is, as they say, that we are "always carving out the graves, speaking about the dead." No! The Mu'tazilah are present. All of the factions of the Shi'ah, from the extremists and less than them, and some of the Khawarij, such as the Ibaadiyyah, all of them are upon the creed of the Mu'tazilah. All of the Shi'ah, and the Shi'ah are present. They mix with us and are by our sides. The educated amongst them are upon the doctrine of al-I'tizaal, they do not affirm anything from the attributes of Allaah, except pure labels (names), stripped of their meanings. They say, "Aleem without 'ilm" (He is "All-Knowing" without knowledge), they say "this (name) is just a label (pointing to) His essence, we do not affirm (an attribute) of knowledge for Him."

Notes: In the fourth century, the Raafidi state of Bani Buwayh (ruling over Persia, Iraq, Khurasaan) supported the Mu'tazili school and gave al-Qadee Abdul-Jabaar the position of qaadee in 360H being appointed by the minister, al-Saahib bin 'Abbaad (a Shi'iyy Mu'taziliyy). Al-Maqreezee, the historian, points out that the doctrine of al-I'tizaal was spread under the shade of the Buwayhi state in Iraaq, Khurasaan and beyond. Far from being "dead and bygone" the Mu'tazili thought is actually alive and vibrant. The Shi'ah are disputants to Ahl al-Sunnah from more than just the angle of the Companions, they are also Mu'tazilah and hence - along with the Ash'arites and Maturidis (all of these three groups are factions of the Jahmiyyah operating upon the ilm al-kalaam condemned by the Salaf and the Four Imaams) - are plain disputants to Ahl al-Sunnah on the topic of Allaah's attributes.

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